Let’s Make it Simple – Use One of Our Sales Reps

Do you find yourself wishing you could “outsource” or find a “freelance” seasoned sales rep? We make your life easier with a Dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) to help you with these common challenges of hiring your own:

  Constant Hiring & Training
  Consistent Performance
  Staying on top of the latest SDR Technology
Dedicated Sales Development Rep (SDR)

Benefits of a Dedicated Sales Development Rep (SDR)

No Overhead Costs

Our employees that serve as an extension of your team. We will cover everything from benefits to incentives for stellar performance to the day-to-day management.

Fully Dedicated

Leverage your dedicated SDR to tackle the tasks that you need completed. Whether that’s through inbound calling or booking appointments for your field team, you assign them to fit your needs.

Access to Tools

While the SDRs work on your team, they still have access to all of our resources: phone systems, email features, outreach softwares, and our CRM.

Dedicated Sucess Manager

Looking for a more senior sales manager to ensure proper tracking and execution after the appointments are set? Our Success Managers can join your team when you need them for aid tracking and alignment.

Benefits of a Success Manager:

– Opportunity Tracking
– Data Entry
– Project Mining within your existing accounts
– Customer/Company Notes


Working with ISS has felt like working with an internal team. They have the resources and processes in place to very quickly create and manage an appointment setting program, assist with lead follow-up and funnel management as well as audience acquisition and confirmation. They have been a great partner.

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Lacking productivity? Save the time and resources by utilizing our SDR’s