B2B Lead Qualification for Sales

What is Lead Qualification?

What is Lead Qualification?

Every company sets what they consider to be a “quality” or “qualified” lead based on their sales and marketing process. Regardless of what criteria you set, there is typically a documented process, automated or manual, to qualify your leads. Additionally, aligning your Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) can further help you identify at what stage your prospect is currently at.

Our Lead Qualification Process

We leverage our expertly trained sales team to qualify your inbound leads.


We start by identifying the lead qualification criteria that you set

Lead Flow

Then we map out the process that a lead will go through to become a SQL


From there we execute on the call campaign to secure high quality appointments


Reporting and notes are delivered at the close of the campaign to your sales team

Why Good Lead Qualification?

Your leads are only as good as your criteria and data so often times, companies struggle to continually refine their criteria to produce the best leads. Leveraging Inside Sales Solutions to verify your leads helps ensure that you are working with the most accurate information to provide your sales team with the peace of mind that they are reaching out to prospects that are ready and willing to discuss your product or services.

Impact of good lead qualification
No one likes talking to unqualified leads. Spend time only talking to interested decision makers