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Our clients depend on us to connect their top sales people with interested decision makers. We generate the appointment with your prospect, and then use our boutique approach to work closely with your sales team, ensuring it gets attended and the feedback is acquired.

With our pay-for-performance model, we eliminate your financial risk by assuring you receive quality appointments before we are compensated. We have complete confidence that we can help you generate revenue results.


Events establish your organization as a thought leader and accelerate the sales cycle – but only if you have the right people in attendance. Our team can drive that audience, filling seminars, luncheons, workshops, trade shows, road shows, etc. We’ll deliver qualified prospects who want to hear what you’re offering, and are ready to buy.

We can help ensure that you capitalize on the event by following up afterwards, while your sales team are busy closing the attendees.


A good database is the wellspring for all of your sales and marketing activities; it drives your revenue growth.

Whether you already have a robust list of contacts to validate, a collection of target companies, or simply a set of criteria for the types of companies you want to approach; we can help you create an accurate, contact-rich database that will fuel successful revenue generation.


Utilize our highly trained and proven sales professionals without the risk of hiring. They have all the tools and training to be successful, without you incurring the long-term expenses or regulations associated with full-time employees.

Acting as a seamless extension of your sales team, our professionals are dedicated, employing the very best strategy to accelerate sales without the time and cost of hiring, training, or creating a customized database.

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Inside Sales Solutions was created to maximize the market opportunity left untapped by other agencies that weren't delivering on their inside sales promises. A lot of agencies do what we do. They share the same what and why, but our clients work with us for our who, and most importantly our how.

Founded in 2010, our philosophy has remained the same throughout – to inspire honest, informative, and mutually beneficial conversations between our clients and their target customers. We do this by connecting your sales teams with the right decision makers, at the right companies, at the right time for the right reasons.

We deliver better results without the cost or risk of doing it yourself. As experts in the field, we have all the tools necessary to dominate the complex business of sales and marketing, with constant focus on evolution in the industry. Why give yourself the headache of reinventing the wheel and trying to stay ahead of the game when you could be focused on driving significant improvements to your core business?

As a boutique agency, we don't force cookie-cutter models on your unique challenges, nor do we allow you to walk into the same inside sales mistakes we've seen for years. We sit down with you to hear your voice and opinions. We discern your current sales and marketing arrangements, then share our years of experience running countless successful programs before creating your robust, fully-customized campaign.


    We apply our core values, goals and beliefs as the heart of how we approach every aspect of Inside Sales Solutions.

    We openly share our passion and mission, and take time to listen and understand everyone involved with us, from our clients through to our employees and peers.


    The one requirement for success is effort. Making more of an effort is not the same thing as working longer. It's working better, setting goals and getting results.

    We want to give you, ourselves, and our agency the best chance of success - so each and every member of our team understands and lives the lifestyle of working better, smarter, and harder.


    You'll always be in close and easy communication with a team you'll quickly get to know and trust.

    We timely and consistently respond to you with complete honesty and sincerity - even if it means giving an answer that is less than positive.


    After 7 years, we know exactly who we are, what our purpose is, and what we're good at. We understand our shortcomings, but really lean into our strengths to get even better.

    And we built a team that compliments those strengths, who are highly capable of self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, so we could do the kind of work that really accelerates revenue results.


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Our expertise expanded!

Sales Rec.

  • We have a powerful, creative, and highly experienced department fully dedicated to hiring the best sales professionals.
  • After years doing what we do, we know the characteristics of the most successful sales professionals, and what they want themselves.
  • Leverage our experience and remove the risk from your hiring. Hiring and retaining employees now starts from the inside out.
  • We source through our own fruitful database, and vigorously pre-screen, assess, and survey potential candidates for you, even conducting culture-fit surveys to find you the candidates most suited to both your organization's goals and culture.
  • Only the finest candidates, who are self-motivated, strategic, reliable, positive, and quick-thinking, have the opportunity to show you how they can fuel your organization and generate revenue.
Channel Partner Rec.

Channel Rec.

  • As more companies increase their focus on the channel as a way to increase sales, so is the need for identifying and recruiting like-minded, revenue generating Value Added Resellers.
  • We quickly and effectively build the most accurate target list of prospect VARs for your business, and develop custom and engaging messaging that secures introductory appointments.
  • Our broad B2B industry experience has given us the expertise, skills and tools to successfully reach prospects that are right for you, and your business.


  • Let us help you make the most of your new hires.
  • Confidence and selling ability go hand in hand. Building confidence can be tricky, but having a good understanding of your product, your competition, and the most effective sales techniques can help build that confidence and make an average sales rep into a star performer.
  • Our training program for your sales reps does exactly that. We conduct training not only on your products, services, company history, and existing clients, but also about selling techniques, technology, and software.
  • Ongoing and useful sales training is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your sales team. It can have tremendous impact on sales and keep your staff "on their toes" as far as new client needs and new techniques in the sales world.

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