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More Results for Channel Partners & Programs

Channel partners need more opportunities to talk with qualified decision partners. Channel program managers need a strong portfolio of resellers. We can help with both.

Our team has experience with some of the world’s largest OEMs and their top-performing resellers. We understand the intricate nuances of messaging in the channel and we know that positive ROI is a must.

Each Year in the Channel, We Generate More Than:



Million in Pipeline

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Inside Sales Solutions has become a trusted resource for delivering marketing-qualified leads to our Business Partners in the information technology channel. As one of our few approved marketing service providers, we have come to rely on their expertise and professionalism.
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Book More Qualified Appointments

Drive more revenue by ensuring that your sales reps spend more of their time in conversations with qualified decision-makers.

Whether we’re qualifying existing leads or finding new prospects, we understand how to leverage OEM messaging while making your company stand out. Pair this with our knack for reaching and connecting with business-tech decision-makers and you have a winning recipe for a full, qualified pipeline.

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Maximize Market Development Funds

MDF can be a major growth catalyst when you’re reselling tech, but only when it’s put to good use.

Our pay-for-performance appointment setting services deliver guaranteed appointments with qualified leads, so you can be confident in generating results from your MDF. Our experience with leading OEM brands and their channel partners means we also know how to properly engage and warm up decision makers so your team can make the close.

receive most up to date data available
recruit more channel partners

Recruit More Channel Partners

Your reseller portfolio has to be strong in order to move product. But partner recruitment is a whole different ballgame and needs a customized plan.

With our partner recruitment solution, we build a target list of prospect VARs for your business and bring all the right people to the table to grow your business.

improve lead routing tracking

Improve Lead Routing & Tracking

Keeping things organized in the channel can be a challenge, but it’s one we’ve mastered.

We have extensive experience with routing the leads to the right partner, never crossing streams and preventing cannibalization. OEMs can also easily run reports about lead quantities and statuses, ensuring they’re always in the loop and up to date with channel performance.

improve lead routing tracking

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