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Turn More MQLs Into SQLs

Growth is much easier when marketing and sales are fully aligned. The best way to synchronize is to ensure that sales reps’ conversations are directed to qualified leads. That’s where our lead qualification services come in.

Your marketing team can focus on generating a high volume of MQLs, we’ll make first contact to engage and qualify them, then we’ll hand off to your team for the close. You’ll get higher conversion rates, better marketing-sales alignment, and accelerated revenue growth.

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Get the meetings and results that you’re looking for, fast! ISS is the best inside sales company we’ve ever worked with.

Our Lead Qualification Process

set criteria

Set Criteria

We begin by identifying the ideal lead qualification criteria with your team.

map lead flow

Map Lead Flow

We map out the process a lead goes through to become an SQL.



Our experienced team ramps up quickly and starts calling and qualifying your leads.



We facilitate regular reviews of campaign progress to maintain transparency and alignment.



We deliver reporting and notes to your sales team at the close of your campaign.

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meet with decision makers

Meet with Decision Makers, Every Time

Your marketing drives great leads for your company, but less qualified leads inevitably find their way into the mix on occasion. Our reps do the leg work by sifting through your leads and identifying those most worth pursuing.

We don’t stop there. We also identify their preferred communication method, channel, and availability and then we book a call with your sales team and facilitate the warm handoff. We can even turn lists of “dead” leads into resuscitated opportunities for your sales team to re-engage.

enjoy greater marketing sales alignment

Greater Marketing — Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales teams both work hard to generate revenue, yet alignment between these essential departments can be challenging

When salespeople stop getting lists of leads from their marketing counterparts and start getting calendars full of appointments with qualified decision makers, you’ll be amazed at how well the departments synchronize.

enjoy greater marketing sales alignment
improve your feedback loop

Improve Your Feedback Loop

Our expert sales development representatives understand how valuable information is to marketers. By studying every MQL and providing comprehensive notes and performance reports, we deliver a thorough evaluation of your leads.

Marketers then use this intelligence to continue to shape and optimize their tactics and strategies, creating a compounding effect that powers your organization to scale.

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