Inside Sales Solutions is expanding our global footprint!

After spending the past 6 months staffing a new European office, we are now poised to broaden our service offerings overseas.

Headquartered in London, our new regional office will service several European markets in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

“We’ve been receiving more and more demand for our services from our current and potential new customers in Europe,” says Seth Kinney, VP of Global Sales at ISS. “This expansion allows us to greatly accelerate our business by offering sales development services in previously untapped markets.”

We view this as a natural extension of our already sizable US-based workforce located in our New York and St. Petersburg, Florida, offices. Many of our clients have marketing and sales teams in various regions all over the world. Now, we are not only in position to help new clients overseas, but also deepen our partnerships with current North American clients who wish to enlist our services for their European sales efforts.

Essentially, customers now have the luxury of using ISS as their sole sales outsourcing service provider, no matter where their offices are located.

“It’s a good feeling to know we now have a talented team of SDRs in regions that give our clients more options to drive revenue,” adds Seth. “Customers with a European presence no longer have to find an ‘ISS lookalike’ when seeking low-risk sales development services — they can continue to work with us, remaining confident in the same reliable results.”

About Inside Sales Solutions

Backed by over 60 years of experience in creating and advancing pipeline for B2B technology companies, ISS is the sales development partner to turn to when rapid growth is the only option.

The ISS DNA is based on the understanding that our success only comes from the success of our clients. Whether you need a fast infusion of qualified appointments or a dedicated extension of your team, our sales development experts know how to ramp up quickly and begin delivering high-quality results in a matter of days rather than weeks.

This accelerated onboarding, supported by deep B2B technology expertise and the flexibility to adapt to existing tools and processes, provides a low-risk solution for engaging, qualifying, and converting leads. That’s why sales and marketing teams across the world, from early startups to established enterprises, trust ISS as their partner in growth.

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