There are many reasons B2B demand generation and pipeline development can become challenging.

It could be a result of new technologies, evolving consumer preferences, or even data management. Whatever the case, one thing is certain…

You need leads and you need them now.

In order to keep the funnel full and flowing, there are some quick and effective demand generation strategies that you shouldn’t overlook.

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Let’s take a look at 6 of the fastest ways to generate leads and increase B2B demand generation:

  1. Create lookalike audiences
  2. Revisit historic MQLs
  3. Engage in industry events
  4. Explore intent data
  5. Get incentive-based
  6. Outsource sales development


1. Target leads that resemble your ideal customer.

The first thing you can do in an effort to quickly generate B2B leads? Go back to your current customer list and pull any commonalities among them.

First, start by identifying your ideal customers. Those that checks all the boxes:

  • What are their titles?
  • What size companies do they work for?
  • Have they already engaged with your brand?
  • Do their needs and pain points complement your offerings?

When you’ve identified and created your lookalike audience (essentially, an audience that represents your perfect prospect), your outreach can become much more segmented and targeted. And not only will you be in better position to fast track some leads, but they’ll be much more qualified as well.


2. Follow-up on historic marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

Most sales reps hit the dreaded “recycle to marketing” button in their CRM after just five attempts. In most cases, that’s giving up way too early (we have a proven 24-point lead follow-up process), leaving behind plenty of opportunity to re-heat your existing pot of MQLs.

Depending on your specific service, the process of B2B demand generation may be part of a longer sales cycle. For tech and SaaS sales specifically, there are 6 stages to the customer lifecycle.

6 stages of SaaS customer lifecycle

The reality is that with many of the “closed-lost” opportunities, the misalignment could have simply come down to timing. Salespeople often forget about the nurturing process, laser-focused on the ABC (always be closing) approach.

So just because your leads weren’t fully qualified initially doesn’t mean they can’t continue to be nurtured. Strategically resurrecting and following up with these leads will provide a shot of B2B demand generation…and likely faster conversions.


3. Participate in an industry event.

Events can provide a real-time conversation with prospects who may be looking for your products and services.

Whether you serve as a sponsor, exhibitor, or even the host, taking part in a tradeshow or event can be a sure-fire way to generate a quick influx of leads.

In today’s more virtual-focused world, event organizers provide sophisticated digital platforms allowing you to showcase your wares in a “virtual booth” to an engaged audience. Every conference attendee who interacts with your brand is an MQL ready for the sales journey.

In addition to the large-scale industry events, you might also consider hosting a webinar yourself—a great way to solidify your standing as a thought leader and instantly generate demand for your B2B solution.


4. Focus on intent data.

If you really want a fast and efficient way to generate B2B leads, focus on intent data.

Intent-level data gives B2B marketers an innovative way to find and capture leads based on online behavior.

With the help of third-party tools like ZoomInfo and TechTarget, intent data can immediately show you which leads and accounts are actively conducting research online. Armed with this knowledge, B2B marketing and sales teams gain unprecedented visibility into a pool of potential customers who are currently searching for their particular solution.


5. Provide a little extra incentive.

Before giving up their information and becoming a lead, pretty much every person starts with the age-old question: “What’s in it for me”?

Sometimes your product or service intrinsically answers that question by providing direct relief to a customer pain point. But sometimes—especially with a more aggressive B2B demand generation strategy—you need to provide a little more incentive.

Offering valuable, actionable content like an ebook or case study in exchange for contact information can be effective demand generation marketing.

And, if budgets allow for it, a gifting campaign can be a great way to surface up some quick interest. Contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, and special offers may not yield the highest percentage of hot leads, but if you need leads now, it’s sure to do the trick.


6. Outsource your sales development.

Finally, if you’re in a stage of hypergrowth, an outsourced sales development vendor with a velocity-based model might be the best option.

These kinds of companies are focused on getting a large volume of people interested in taking a meeting with your internal sales team. Great for companies in need of fast B2B demand generation, the outsourced sales approach can be a great complement to your marketing team.

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