sales leads are a must
For any sales organization, sales leads are a must.
A lot of buzz centers around inbound lead generation through content marketing. But not all organizations have the budget, resources or want to create content marketing campaigns. And some organizations or sales professionals want to enhance what their company provides with other tactics. This could be due to the fact that sales representatives earn more when they generate more leads. I know I’ve been in that place before and generating your own leads can definitely boost compensation and results.

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

     If you’re don’t know Sales Navigator, it’s a tool within LinkedIn (Paid Solution). You can use it to create lists of prospects within your target demographic. It’s a great tool that can help you grow a list of real high-quality prospects.

  2. Datanyze 

    Datanyze is a pipeline development tool. Gartner dubbed it as a “Cool Vendor” in 2016 for tech marketing and sales leaders. The tool allows you to develop a pipeline, find the best accounts and get accurate contact info. They do have a Chrome extension but their paid solutions will offer the most robust features.

  3. Hoovers

     A lot of more seasoned sales professionals will know this tried and true solution. Hoovers is an old player who provides a number of services that can help you develop your prospect lists. Hoovers provides everything from detailed company profiles to list building services. It has all the insights you need to be laser focused in your prospect targeting.

  4. Dunn & Bradstreet

    The sales and marketing tools at D&B are impressive. However, they aren’t necessarily the go-to tool for developing a fresh target list. Instead, use them to delve deeper into existing accounts for insights into the best opportunities to pursue. Their solutions are robust and will let you focus on predictive targeting, improve digital interaction and reduce sales research time. D&B’s solutions aren’t free but they are tailored to your needs and can seriously amplify results for teams.

  5. Business Journal book of lists

    If you’re hyper-focused on a local market, you can use the Book of Lists by the Business Journal as a tool. You can also get lists from other cities, but it works best when you connect with others in your area. You’ll find the decision makers based on the industry and company you’re targeting. Great insights and affordable pricing.

Prospecting isn’t going anywhere, no matter what the “Never Prospect Again” crowd publishes online or in the latest business book. Prospecting is alive and well and likely to stay for years to come. That’s why at Inside Sales Solutions we focus on providing quality appointments to our clients with key decision makers. And it’s all on a pay-for-performance basis. Getting in front of the right person will always make a sales professional more productive. And, in the end, it’s about ROI and closing the deal.