Building relationships and prospecting in today’s world can be extremely labor-intensive, costly, difficult. The power of AI today connects with your target markets, builds profitable relationships and acquires new clients. One of the main reasons why B2B companies are utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the power to save time. The power to save you a week’s worth of research is crucial in saving you time and money.
With technological advances, AI is a powerful tool that is looking to revolutionize a range of industries in the future.
So how will AI help in the lead generation industry?

  • Real-time customer profiles
  • Lead Generation from social media campaigns
  • Facilitating customer queries

Real-time Customer Profiles

Artificial Intelligence in Lead Generation Helps Your B2B Company [How?]
When using AI with lead generation you take away the old school method of creating customer profiles from past purchasing data and customer relationship software (CRM) and using them as a template when targeting new customers. This archaic method also holds the issue of not accurately portraying the current consumer or business purchasing mindset.
With AI platforms like Seamless, AI creates the real-time databases of every decision maker at your most profitable accounts and is even integrated with your current CRM system. Never waste time on your CRM data entry again. AI checks to see if the lead, contact or account exists. With this technology, the system is also able to generate relevant customer information in real-time. Isolating businesses that are more willing to purchase a product or service is something AI can accomplish.

Lead Generation from Social Media Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence in Lead Generation Helps Your B2B Company [How?]
The use of AI for social media campaigns can be overlooked at times. While Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are capable of giving useful analytical data on adverts, they sometimes aren’t as useful as they could be. Instead of evaluating the advert as a whole, the technology is able to asses only the specific parts of an effective advert. This is the benefit of using AI’s predictive analytics.

Simplifying customer queries

Artificial Intelligence in Lead Generation Helps Your B2B Company [How?]
It doesn’t matter if you have a website just for informational purposes or a B2B lead generation website, AI is a necessity for you.  The system can field easy questions that will otherwise take up valuable time, like a stock query, but can evaluate customers as well. When talking to an AI chat box you will be asked a series of questions. This will help generate a client profile. Once the person meets the correct criteria, they will be sent through an agent.
These are just only a few ways in which AI can help on lead generation.
There are also a few precautionary steps you should take before implementing your AI with your lead generation. A couple of these steps includes Creating the Ideal Customer profile and cleaning your CRM data for AI to use.
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