Joseph Perez – Director of Campaign Management (NY)

Director of Campaign Management (NY)

Joseph Perez

Ever wonder what makes a company tick and how their employees create a client-centered focus that drives results?  Then read on to learn more about the Inside Sales Solutions process and how Joseph Perez, Director of Campaign Management in New York keeps the team focused on what matters, our clients. What follows is the recipe for creating successful inside sales campaigns.

As Director of Campaign Management for Inside Sales Solutions, you’re responsible for ensuring that each client’s campaign is crafted and executed to the client’s exacting specifications. Can you tell us how the process works from start to finish?

  • Learn more about what the client is looking to accomplish and build a program that would help them the most.
  • Quick 30 min planning call with key stakeholders to cover best practices & processes, along with goals and expectations. Define messaging and cover the Inside Sales Solutions List Builder Tool™.
  • Client builds a target list of accounts from our robust database (50,000-60,000 companies and 1M + Decision Maker contacts)
  • Campaign ready to launch within 24-48 hours of account submission

What are the most common mistakes clients make during a campaign that you can help alleviate for them?

  • Managing expectations. Understanding our expertise is in top of funnel pipeline, not red hot opportunities.
  • Getting the 2nd appointment on the calendar during the 1st meeting. These prospects are hard to get a hold of and will “go dark” if the follow-up is not secured while you still have their attention.
  • Too many cooks in the kitchen… Keep the process simple on your end. If too many folks and resources are being used on your end, when the inevitable reschedule/cancellation comes along a lot of folks time might have been wasted. Keep the initial intro simple, no need for 5-10 people to be ready to go for each appointment.
  • Remembering there will be a 20-30% reschedule/cancellation rate. A reschedule does not mean the appointment was not valid to begin with. It only means the prospect became busy that day.

After working with so many clients throughout your career at Inside Sales Solutions, what are some tips for prospective clients that can ensure their campaigns run effectively?

  • Prior to the planning call, know the geographic area as well as the demographic (employee count, revenue size, etc.) that you would like to target.
  • Ensure that your salespeople understand who we are and what we’re providing for them. While the key stakeholders might understand this from our planning call, if that same information is not disseminated to the client’s team, then there will be a lot of disjointedness and misguided expectations for our program.

What tools do Inside Sales Solutions use to keep clients up to date on their campaign while it’s running?

  • Our Client Results Portal™ shows real-time updates for every campaign with us. Gives a breakdown of everything (Talk about examples, etc)….

What is your favorite aspect of managing client’s campaigns?

  • I love what I do because I get to meet new folks and build existing relationships every day. My job allows me to help people hit their targets, make the best use of their budget, and all the while knowing that the service I am providing them is a good one. I look at my clients as fellow parents, sons, moms, daughters, etc. All just hardworking people trying to make a living to meet their goals in life. If I can do right by someone by helping them while also helping myself, that to me is a gratifying profession.

Are there any other insights you can add as to the process Inside Sales Solutions uses to generate the quality appointments for their clients or the changes in the industry in general?

  • The way we train our SDR’s (Sales Development Representatives) and run our business model is to create a user experience for our clients that we would want, were the roles reversed. Think like an outside sales rep. What would be helpful to them? What would we expect of an SDR if we were busy running around all day? Same for the executive management who run the programs with us, we’re constantly trying to improve our delivery and reporting so we can show the best ROI possible for our programs. If a client buys into us and trusts us with their budget, it is my goal to help them report the greatest ROI possible for the programs so we all look great at the end of the day.