With a market expected to reach more than $220 billion by 2022, the growth potential for B2B tech sales is extraordinary. We all want our piece of the pie, and while it seems there’s more than enough to go around, getting our fill requires a strategic effort to increase sales performance.

Finding and closing new business with speed and agility takes a particular set of skills. Skills that many B2B tech companies are finding in abundance when they choose to outsource their sales teams.

Whether you’re looking for high velocity or high-quality leads, the right outsourced sales partner can do all of your heavy lifting—freeing up your internal teams to focus on what they do best…closing.

Here, we’ll dive into some of the ways outsourcing can improve your sales performance.

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Top-Notch Talent + Better Tools = Optimal Performance

Tools, processes, and talent. These are the keys to increasing sales performance, especially with B2B tech companies.

If you’re going to hit your goals, you need all three of these elements streamlined to make it happen. The reality is, many internal sales teams lack in at least one of those key areas for success.

When you outsource with the intent to increase sales, you can immediately gain access to a team pre-equipped to hit the ground running. The ever-evolving B2B tech market is all about fast and efficient innovation, and your ability to boost your efforts and scale increases exponentially when you outsource.

The best part? A good sales partner will come loaded with access to proven and cutting-edge technologies and tools that can both fill your funnel and help you engage, qualify, and convert leads into customers. We’re talking premium-level software, services, platforms, and analytics reporting that in-house teams would spend tens of thousands of dollars to implement and learn.

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The bottom line is this: when you outsource sales, you open a new realm of possibilities that would otherwise be inaccessible, or at the very least, would take a tremendous amount of time, cost, and trial and error to attain on your own.


Build the Process. Trust the Process. Watch Sales Performance Skyrocket.

Mature organizations are often challenged by finding out where to optimize the sales process. It’s a challenge that usually goes undiagnosed if you don’t have a solid sales development team.

And with the inability to optimize the sales process and consistently convert leads comes the blame game. Sales will blame marketing. Marketing will circle the wagons.

It’s a scenario most sales and marketing VPs are painfully familiar with.

Lack of bandwidth and an ineffectual sales process are almost always the root cause of low activity levels—but you won’t know this unless there are clearly-defined markers that identify which leads are ready to pass onto sales, and when.

An intentional and streamlined process custom-fit to your goals and sales performance structure is part and parcel with outsourcing sales operations.

They become an extension of your team to produce meaningful outcomes, incentivized to deliver the quality results that help you work the funnel and seal the deal.

Speaking of the Funnel…

6 stages of saas customer lifecycle

While the length and complexity of the cycle will vary depending on the sophistication and price of your product, tech industry sales are all about quick and efficient growth.

Maximizing the flow of leads and customers through your funnel is essential to sales performance.

Velocity-based approaches focus on getting as many qualified appointments as possible on your sales team’s calendar. And it’s a major strength of independent sales teams.

Why? Because most sellers don’t have the capacity to prospect and nurture their pipelines at the same time. If your pipeline is depleted, it’s time to go prospecting. Conversely, if your pipeline is brimming, prospecting is forced to the back burner.

This creates many challenges with forecasting and velocity overall. You can overcome this by having your internal team focus their efforts on closing and nurturing while outsourced SDRs remain dedicated to pipeline creation and qualification.

The moral here is simple and plain: an outsourced sales firm will drastically improve the velocity at which deals are acquired, monetized, and retained.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

It probably goes without saying, but the far-reaching tentacles of stress can have major impacts on our lives, personally and professionally. And it certainly doesn’t help increase sales performance.
Good news, though! Outsourcing a team of SDRs can put a little more zen in your life.

Sales VPs who choose to keep everything in-house have to manage employee tensions, squabbles, and the inevitable interoffice politics that can often derail progress. Professional development, performance reviews, and everything else that comes with managing a team is laborious.

Outsourced sales teams on the other hand, are set up to manage themselves. The good ones employ a full team of experts who are fine-tuned to function as one cohesive unit, with a full suite of internal processes, procedures, and daily check-ins to ensure each client receives the customized care and attention they deserve.

In the end, this gives you the freedom to set your sales performance efforts on auto-pilot with the peace of mind that your goals are being met and objectives exceeded by a trusted team of skilled professionals.


Outsourced Sales Teams Boost Your Bottom Line

Finally, hiring a full team of in-house sales development representatives (SDRs) is not only challenging and time consuming, but also mighty expensive. Attracting and retaining people is harder than ever as B2B tech companies compete for the talent to improve sales performance.

With average annual salaries ranging from $40,770 – $83,980—not to mention bonuses and benefits—and internal sales teams often hiring by the dozens, the cost of internal SDRs adds up quickly.
Add to that a 3.2 month average onboarding and ramp up time for SDRs and a heavy turnover rate, and the challenges are all too real for sales VPs everywhere.

By outsourcing your sales services to save money, you eliminate the risk of wasting precious budget dollars. Ultimately, protecting your bottom line is the most effective way to manage sales performance and drive your entire organization forward.

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