When you consider outsourcing any function at your organization, many questions come to mind. And that makes sense, because trusting an “external” team to communicate with customers and prospects is a big deal.

In sales development especially, these questions are important to address. Sales is often your customers’ first impression, and BDRs are the tip of the spear when it comes to revenue and growth at your company.

In our experience, there are common questions other leaders in your seat ask. Odds are, you’re asking these too. Let’s explore these frequently asked questions and give you the answers you deserve.

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How much do outsourced BDRs cost?

There are several kinds of outsourced BDR models: performance-based, dedicated, and hybrid approaches.

Pricing generally depends on:

  • Number of BDRs needed
  • Which industry you’re in
  • What the sales process looks like
  • Your geographic area
  • Your goals and timeframe

Although pricing can vary, the two most common approaches have norms to consider. For pay-per-appointment, a solid US-based partner will typically cost $800-$1,000 per appointment. For the dedicated resource model, investments typically start around $8,500 per month.

cost of an internal sales team

Investing in outsourced BDRs is a decision that goes beyond salaries. When you consider pricing, it makes sense to zoom out and look at everything involved in staffing a sales development team.

Required investments to maintain an internal sales team include:

  • Insurance and retirement benefits
  • Supervision and management personnel
  • Bonus and commission structures
  • Technology stack subscriptions and limits

When you outsource, these requirements are covered by your partner. So, you end up with a fully staffed BDR team without incurring these added costs.

Do outsourced BDRs take longer to onboard?

Outsourced BDRs usually get up to speed faster than internal new hires.

The BDR role is naturally a heavy churn role with most reps lasting only 12-18 months before moving up or leaving the company. On average, it takes about 3-4 months for BDRs to hit full stride. That means you’re left with 9-12 months of full productivity from a BDR before having to start the cycle all over again.

When you outsource, you eliminate the ramp period required as any BDR working on your behalf should already be up to speed. You eliminate the revolving door of recruiting, hiring, training, and onboarding.

And that means increased productivity and decreased time-to-market.

Are outsourced BDRs as productive as internal BDRs?

As we’ve mentioned before, the keys to increasing sales performance are tools, processes, and talent. Outsourced BDRs give your company immediate access to these keys with a team pre-programmed to hit the ground running.

When you outsource with a provider that has experience in your field, they will already know how to approach key decision makers in your industry and will likely already have data and processes built out for any campaigns you may want to target. They will already have the data behind which outreach channels are most effective for your target base and industry. And the right partner will help maximize your flow of leads and customers through the funnel as you reclaim the margin needed to focus on both prospecting and nurturing.

What factors do you consider when choosing an outsourced BDR company?

Choosing an outsourced BDR company can feel like a confusing process, especially if you’ve never worked with a sales outsourcing partner before. While the decision comes down your company’s unique circumstance, there are important factors to consider as you look at different outsourcing options:

  • Do they have enough experience?
  • Can they grow and scale with you?
  • Do they take a consultative approach to service and support?
  • Do they provide ancillary services?
  • Do they have a global presence?
  • Do they have access to multiple data sources?
  • Do they provide a dedicated customer success layer with their offering?
  • Do they have a dedicated training and development team?
  • Can you see yourself working with them long-term?

There’s further detail and nuance under each of these questions, but you can boil these factors down into two high-level questions: Will they produce results? Are they worth the investment?

What kind of company hires outsourced BDRs?

Whether you’re at an early-stage tech startup or working to achieve incremental growth at an established organization, outsourced BDRs could make sense for you. Many kinds of companies hire outsourced BDRs, but the common thread is they are all seeking growth. There are finer commonalities worth noting too.

Outsourcing sales development is a good fit if:

  • You have large deal sizes ($15,000+ per year)
  • You have long sales cycles (3+ months)
  • You are looking for high velocity or high-quality leads
  • You need help supporting a large influx of leads (e.g. new event/tradeshow contacts)

how to know if an outsourced bdr is right for your company

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