There are dozens of articles, webinars, blogs, and workshops out there designed to help you hone your sales skills. But what if that’s not all it takes? What if you combined your sales skills with marketing skills and customer service skills? Introducing, the super salesperson, Triple Threat.

We all know the stigma surrounding sales in the eyes of the customer, like it or not. But consider this for a moment. Triple threat thinks like a salesperson, acts as a marketer, and responds like a customer service rep.

Want to learn how to be your own Triple Threat? Read on.

Think Like a Salesperson

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are a thousand different sources that can tell you how to be a better salesperson. So I don’t want to spend too much time on that. But, there are a few key qualities that make up the mindset of a successful salesperson.

1. Resilience

A successful salesperson can’t dwell on failures. This is a job where you get more nos than yeses. In fact, 80% of sales involve an average of five follow-up calls.

2. Confidence

Sales reps have to be bold. They can’t be shy or self-conscious. You have to be willing to go after those big leads and speak with them in a way that exudes confidence.

3. Dedication

The best salespeople have a duty to their customers. They feel a responsibility both for the person they’re selling for, and the person they’re selling to. This quality allows them to act in the interest of both parties, and achieve optimal outcomes every time.

Act Like a Marketer

Where sales reps can sometimes get caught up in the numbers, acting like a marketer can help bring the human side of things back into play. Marketers are about understanding the customer in order to cater to their distinct needs.

How can this feedback into sales? Lead nurturing.

This is a buzzword that we hear over and over again. But, what it comes down to is turning your prospects into customers, and doing so through personalized communications.

This is where the beauty of marketing automation software comes in. Companies that implement marketing automation see a 451% increase in their qualified leads.

Respond like a Customer Service Rep

Customer Service Reps are problem solvers for the customers. In other words, they ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the buying process.

For sales reps, this translates to prospect satisfaction. We are in an era of sales that we don’t want to close any doors. A hard “no” this week could be a “yes” two months from now. The prospect may not be the right person for your product or service but someone they know could be.

This is why it is crucial that every prospect is treated as a top priority. This is also where the importance of marketing automation comes into play again.

If a prospect leaves a call with you feeling satisfied, even if they did not need or want your product or service at that time, they have the potential to be a warm lead. This potential increases if you utilize marketing automation to give them small “gifts” (content, check-ins, etc.).

This establishes a relationship. The next time you call, they may be more willing and able to talk business. Or they may know someone who is, in which case they are more willing to make the introduction.