Outsourced sales prospecting activity is a great way to increase sales, maximize ROI, and increase brand/company awareness. When you outsource prospecting to the right partner, it allows sales leaders to use the latest technology stack in outbound prospecting (such as automated call dialers, artificial intelligence, and social selling) without having to make the hefty investment in high-tech sales prospecting tools.

Imagine the success your sales team would have if they are able to spend maximum time doing sales presentations and cultivating relationships with the exact people that can sign on the dotted line? This is what you gain when you outsource your B2B prospecting and appointment setting to a team of sales development experts who seamlessly plug into your sales engine.

When you outsource sales prospecting, your business benefits in several key ways:


1. Save on operational and capital costs

Think about all the costs associated with having an in-house sales development team. You eliminate the need to hire and train in-house staff, for what are often short-term campaigns. In addition,  outsourcing prospecting, you will not have to invest in office equipment or infrastructure needed to maintain an in-house team of appointment setters. The right service provider will take care of all of the hard costs in addition to the management costs, so you are completely free to focus on your sales team.


2. Increase your sales time

You often hear that a penny saved is a penny earned. Sales teams that can save on prospecting time earn more than pennies on such an endeavor. Without outsourcing, your sales executives would have to spend 50% of their time on generating leads and scheduling appointments. Sales teams that partner with the right outsourced service provider, preserve thousands of dollars by allowing their highly paid sales executives to focus more time on converting leads or nurturing existing client relationship. By increasing the time spent on face-to-face meetings and quality remote presentations, thereby increasing your sales.


3. An expert will drive higher quality results and professionalism

It can be hard to hand over the reins, but you will thank yourself in the long run. Outsourcing your sales prospecting activity not only saves on time and money, but you are also gaining access to skills, qualities, practices, and technologies that are honed over many years and over many clients. Cold calling requires trained executives who know how to steer past gatekeepers and secure appointments with decision makers.  An experienced sales development team will know how to grab the attention of your target customers. They will also know how to present your company in a brief, interesting, and relevant manner.


4. Speak to the right person, at the right time, for the right reason

You may have a specific target list of people whom you want to call or you may only know a general target audience, their responsibility, and their likes. Whatever the case may be, a skilled sales prospecting team can open doors into accounts you have never been able to penetrate and get right past the gatekeepers to the decision makers you want to reach. Appointment setting service providers can deliver proprietary data lists. Appointment setting can also gather, evaluate, and organize data based on your target audience. As a result, outsourcing your sales prospecting quickly gets you access to your ideal buyer persona, at the right time, for the right reasons, to secure the best deals for you.


5. Improve your sales KPI’s

When your sales team begins to receive the same quality of leads from an outsourced sales prospecting partner, you will more easily be able to evaluate your sales figures and performance rates. The underperformers on your team will have nowhere to hide. The challenges faced by your sales team will be easier to pinpoint. You will be able to notice if certain geographical areas are performing better than others. From here you can make an objective decision on where to steer your efforts. This insight can be invaluable to your go-to-market team to better understand what sales and marketing strategies are working and where some additional effort may be needed to reach prospective customers.

If you want to close more deals, but don’t have the time, tech stack, or expertise (or hair) to make prospecting a priority, or if your current systems don’t seem to be delivering the kind of ROI that gets you excited, consider outsourcing your prospecting sales activity.

Considering Outsourced Sales Development?

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